We are committed to being a responsible fashion business with eco-design in mind. We see sustainability as a continuous journey and aim to include more and more sustainable pieces in our upcoming collections..

Rēnwa equally cherishes, values and respects all its partners. We are passionate about building strong and lasting relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. We build collections with local artisans and gifted weavers.
We regularly visit our ateliers in Abidjan & Beirut to ensure artisans’ work practices and manufacturing quality are up to our standards.

We carefully consider aesthetics, functionality, quality and the impact of our product throughout its life cycle. We use materials like the raffia originated from palm trees, organic cotton in around 20% of the collections, organic linen, tencel, and recycled polyester, while all the coloring is done through natural products like fruits, plants, and vegetables.
In an effort to reduce the fabric wastage we re-use the textiles from previous collections in further collection sampling and production.

We use organic cotton for packing our goods, a material that is durable and reusable.