Born & raised in Ivory Coast, with origins from Lebanon, RĒNWA in the midst of both cultures.
The fusion of two diverse culture, as threads of Lebanese heritage and Ivorian vibrancy entwine, Renwa's design philosophy becomes a celebration of cultural synergy. Renwa’s DNA intricately weaves simplicity into complexity.

« Create something new from something familiar. »

The brand's ethos extends beyond fashion, touching lifestyle products, each essential in its own nature. Cultures have no barriers & that resonated in the designer’s commitment to bring culture heritage at the core of her maison. Classic elements from both worlds harmonize to create a unique aesthetic, narrating stories of tradition and innovation simultaneously.

Renwa emerges as a bridge connecting diverse traditions, an ode to cross-cultural creativity, and a testament to the endless possibilities that arise when diverse influences converge in harmony.

A testament to the art of self-expression through clothing, the meticulous craftsmanship weaves intricate patterns, connecting stories like braided ropes adorned with beads. It's a celebration where the waves of unity and diversity dance harmoniously, creating a unique fusion that echoes the beauty of a world interwoven.

We not only weave stories through design but also prioritize a harmonious relationship with nature. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the choice of materials – the gentle touch of linen, meanwhile, the subtle elegance of wood accents brings an organic touch to our designs, mirroring the minimalist ethos that defines our aesthetic.

Sustainability is the very essence of our fashion philosophy.

Every piece is dedicated to reduce environmental impact, ensuring that fashion doesn't compromise the beauty of our world. In this eco-conscious journey, style meets responsibility, and together, we weave a future where fashion and sustainability dance in perfect harmony.