FALL-WINTER 2024/2025

The Fall/Winter 2024 collection imagines pieces that reflect the transformative journey.Designs inspired by the liberation of a dance around flames that come to life and illuminatethe path of resilience so that the ashes of the past fertilize a new existence, the soulregenerates transforming pain into incandescent energy.Symbolic motifs such as spirals symbolize spiritual renewal, creating a connection between thefluidity of energies and transformation.The collection's colors revolve around warm, vibrant hues such as passion red and blazingorange.The fabrics selected evoke the texture of flames, with plays of transparency and movementeffects to capture energies.The use of sustainable, eco-friendly textiles underlines the commitment to symbiosis withnature.Through the dance of flames, rebirth takes place, breathing new life and strength. Atransformed soul emerges.